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Tiernan Douieb

Preschool, 6+ Years, Animation, Series Developer

Agent: Jean Kitson -

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Tiernan is a writer and stand-up comedian who has written for children and adults for over 18 years. He has written for Studio AKA’s Hey Duggee, one of which – The Accessory Badge – was nominated for an ‘Industry Excellence Award’ at the Manchester Comedy Festival 2022. He is also writing on two new pre-school series by Alphablocks/Blue Zoo and an upcoming Nickelodeon/C5 pre-school show and a comedy show for children aged 7-11 with the creator studio Turnip+Duck.

He is co-host and co-writer of Bust or Trust, which won ‘Best Children’s Podcast’ award at the Independent Podcast Awards 2023. He co-runs and hosts the Comedy Club 4 Kids, which provides age-appropriate stand-up comedy for children aged 6+ and their families. He also writes and hosts a Comedy Club 4 Kids podcast called Radio Nonsense, which gets thousands of listeners and receives a lot of emails from children who listen in all around the world.




Hey Duggee S5
CBeebies/ Studio AKA

Currently writing for Series 5 of the preschool animation series.

Stan and Gran
Jellyfish Pictures

An original animated series for 4-7, Milkshake/Nickelodeon.

The Woohoos
Snipple Animation

Writing scripts for S1 of the new animated pre-school series for Milkshake.

Turnip + Duck

Developing a new kids animated comedy series for ages 7-12.

Bust or Trust: A Kids' Mystery Podcast
Small Wardour

Writer and Co-host of Small Wardour’s first children’s podcast venture, engaging children aged 7-11.

Won the ‘Best Children’s Podcast’ at the Independent Podcast Awards.

Cosmic Kids
Cosmic Kids Yoga

Writing narratives for the Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube channel aimed at the 3-7.


BBC Digital Shorts Development (2024)
Format Factory

Developing ideas to be submitted for the BBC Digital Shorts brief for Hey Duggee and Bluey.

Marco Polo World School (2024)
Keyframe Studios

Writing scripts for 5 x 1 minute funny animated videos explaining multiplication tables for pre-school children.

Alphablocks S5 (2023-2024)
Alphablocks/ Blue Zoo

Five scripts for the S5 of Alphablocks, an educational animated pre-school show. This includes two song episodes.

Wonderblocks (2023-2024)
Alphablocks/ Blue Zoo

Four scripts for S1 of the upcoming new ‘Blocks’ series, ‘Wonderblocks’, an educational animated pre-school show.

What If… Animated Explainers (2023)
Ladbible / Battlecat Productions

Series of short-animated explainers for the popular social media channel, Ladbible.

Lollipop Lil (2022)
+3K Studios

Scriptwriting a pitch pilot for a new pre-school series.

Untitled (2022)
Inkwinks Productions

Pilot Script for animated pre-school show in development.

Untitled (2022-2023)

Development work on upcoming 8-11 animation show.

Hey Duggee S4 (2021)
CBeebies/ Studio AKA

The Accessory Badge – was nominated for an ‘Industry Excellence Award’ at the 2022 Manchester Comedy Festival.

Scream Street: Screaming With Laughter (2021)
Coolabi Group

Wrote and presented four video guides teaching children how to do stand-up, for the launch of the new Scream Street episodes on CBBC.


Control Enthusiast Tour (2018)

Joke passes and notes for Sarah Millican’s tour.

Bobby Dazzler Tour (2021)

Joke passes and notes for Sarah Millican’s tour.

Late Bloomer Tour (2024)

Joke passes and notes for Sarah Millican’s tour.

New World Order (2019)

Wrote jokes for S3 of Frankie Boyle’s BBC 2 show.


Super Great Kids Stories (2021)

Wrote and recorded four episodes for for children aged 5-7.

Nesta’s Future Curious S2 (2019)

Wrote for and hosted the second season of the podcast. Hosted sections of the show at live events such as FutureFest Lates at the Barbican.