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Steve Middleton

Writer, Children's, Preschool, 6+ years, Animation, Head Writer, Series Developer - Kids (animation and live action)

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A highly experienced children’s writer and pre-school specialist, Steve has been writing and editing scripts and stories for over fifteen years. Steve was Head Writer on Nina & Olga for Enanimation / RAI. He has developed three new shows for Grid Animation. Steve was Lead Writer on one of these, Little Luke & Lucy. Recent credits include Tee & Mo, Ziggy and the Zoo Tram, What’s The Big Idea?, Percy’s Tiger Tales, Shelldon, Lilly the Witch, Timmy Time, Shapes and Fun with Claude, for which he won the Cartoon On The Bay award for best pre-school show. In 2008 he was nominated for a BAFTA in the primary education category for The Transporters which he co-developed and scripted.



Piggy Builders
Xilam Animation

Writing episodes for upcoming French animated series

Title TBA
Anak Rimba

Writing development scripts

Title TBA
3D Sparrow

Currently writing

Title TBA

2 x 5′ development scripts and storylines


Brave Bunnies S2 (2023)

Wrote 5 episodes for series 2 of animated series

Grisu (2022)
Mondo TV France

Polished 30 scripts, wrote 2 scripts

Winnie & Wilbur (2018-2021)
Milkshake C5 / Winduna

3 x 11′ episodes of a new animated series based on Korky Paul and Valerie Thomas’ beloved books.

Alice's Diary (2021)
Sardinha em Lata

Head Writing on a new Portuguese series which he helped develop

Digley & Dazey (2020-2021)
Moonbug Entertainment

Writing shortform content

Nina & Olga (2020)
Enanimation / RAI

Head Writer on a new animated series

Winner: Best Upper Pre-School TV Series (4-6 Years) Pulcinella Award at Cartoons on the Bay 2021.

Brave Bunnies (2020)

8 episodes on a new animation series which launched on Milkshake! on 6th February 2021

Henrietta (2018)

5 x 7′ episodes of a new animated series

Emmy & GooRoo II (2018)
Left Pocket Animation

10 x 11′ episodes of the second series of the show with the Chinese animation studio

Filly Funtasia (2018)
B-Water Animation

Commissioned to write 22′ episodes of the new animated series

Little Luke & Lucy Specials (2017)
Grid Animation

22′ special episodes of the series he developed & head wrote for Grid

Mouse Mansion (2016)
Grid Animation

Development of new series based on a book.

Bible completed and 3 x 11’scripts commissioned.

Derek The Deep Sea Doctor (2016)
Grid Animation

Development of new animation series; bible and pilot script commissioned.

Ziggy & The Zoo Tram (2016)
Grid Animation

Special 22′ episodes for animation series

Tee and Mo (2017)
Plug -in Media/Cbeebies

7 x 7′ episodes for this new preschool animation

Superbuilders (2016)
Something Big SAS

3 x 11′ episodes of new French / Chinese animation

Little Luke & Lucy (2014-2015)
Grid Animation

Lead Writer on pre-school series developed by Steve from the popular comics Suske & Wiske by Willy Vandersteen. Steve wrote a third of the 52 x 7’ series, edited stories and polished the rest of the series.

Shelldon III (2015)
Shellhut Entertainment

4 x 22’ episodes for Bangkok produced underwater animation series

Ziggy & The Zoo Tram (2014)
Skyline / Fabrique D’Images

9 x 11’ scripts on new animation series based on characters created by Leo Timmers

Lilly the Witch (2014)
At Anim

3 x 22’ episodes of long-running animated series about a 9 year old witch and her cheeky dragon, based on Knister’s books

Percy's Tiger Tales 1 & 2 (2011-2013)
Fabrique D’Images

4 x 11’ episodes Series II

6 x 11’ episodes Series I

What's the Big Idea? (2012)
Planet Nemo / Cbeebies

5 x 5’ pre-school animated philosophy show

Shapes (2008-2011)
Peach Blossom Singapore / Evergreen Productions UK

2D pre-school animation

Fun with Claude (2009)
Red and Blue Productions / ZDF

Pre-school animation

Winner: Best Pre-school Show, Cartoons on the Bay. Steve wrote the episode which was entered into competition.

Timmy Time (2008)
Aardman Animation / Cbeebies

Pre-school animation

Wellington (2008)
Hallmark Entertainment / Evergreen Productions / CNR Netherlands

Pre-school animation

Bali (2005)
Planet Nemo (France)

Pre-school animation

Rudi & Trudi (2004-2005)
TV Loonland / Telemagination / ZDF

26 x 12’ series for 4-8 year olds

The Donz Family (2003-2004)
Donz Productions Netherlands

Animated family sitcom

The Nimbols (2003-2004)
Caligari Films Germany

3D animated teenage sitcom

You Do Too I & II (2001-2002)
Nick Jr

Pre-school make and do

Busy Buses I & II (2001-2002)
Flick Films / TV4C

Pre-school CGI series

Little Ghosts (2001)
CItv / Telemagination / TV Loonland

4-8 years animated series

Bob's Beach (2000)
Greenlight Media Germany

6-9 years animated series

The World of Tosh (2000)
Magma Films / Happy Life

8-12 years animated series

Dog & Duck (2000)
ITV / HTV / Meridian
Snailympics (1999)
Truca Films / PPM Multi-media

Pre-school claymation

Grandfather Time (1999)
Lough House Animation

Pilot script

Mee Ow (1999)
Siriol Producitons UK

Pre-school animation

Tommy & Oscar (1999)
Rainbow Srl Italy

6-8 years nusical adventure series

Halloween (1999)
Iddh France

Teenage action adventure

St Bear's Hospital (1999)
Egmont / Nordisk Film & TV Denmark

Comedy puppet series

Fix & Foxi I & II (1997-1999)
Ravensburger Film & TV Germany

Pre-school animation

Little Hippo (1997)
Siriol Productions UK / Marina Productions France

Pre-school animation


Scrameustache (2013)
Grid Animation

Development of bible and pilot scripts

Little Luke & Lucy (2013)
Grid Animation

Development of bible and pilot scripts

Derek (2012)
Skyline Entertainment

Development of bible and pilot scripts

Wellington (2006-2008)
Hallmark Entertainment / Evergreen Productions UK

Developed a pre-school TV series from an existing card brand.

Wrote two accompanying storybooks

Squidge and the Hardnuts (2008)
Cosgrove Hall

Bible, pilot script and 5 further scripts, 20 storylines

Hugstuff (2006)
Warwich Creative

Developed a TV concept for a range of licensed characters.

Western Macaroni (2006)
CNR Netherlands

Developed a pre-school show from an existing brand of merchandise. Concept development and bible

Johnny Mutton TV (2005)
TV Loonland / Telemagination

Concept development and pilot script

Rudi & Trudi (2004-2005)

26 x 12’ anomiated seires for 4-8 year olds. Concept development / refined character profiles and produced writers’ bible.

Chiko (2004)
Planet Nemo Productions

Concept development and bible

Angels and Devils (2004)
Evergreen Productions

Concept development and bible

The Mole Sisters (2003)
Screentiger / Funbag Animation

Marketing bible

Backpackers (2003)
Agenda TV

Concept development and bible

Little Robots (2003)

Concept development for an activity book based on the animated series

Lego Ville (2002)

Concept and character development for new product range

Story Builder (2002)

Concept development and story series for a new toy based product

Betty Spaghetty (2000-2004)
Criterion Ltd UK / Ohio Art US

Initial concept development to reposition existing toy product as a television property. Later on, 5 storybooks and CD Rom

Freefonix (2001)
Silent Entertainment

Concept development, series bible, storylines

Mordillo (2001)
Flick Films / TV4C

Concept development, series bible, storylines and pilot script

Foreign Exchange (2001)
Magma Films Ireland

Concept development, series bible and storylines

Keltic Kids (1999)
Fred Craig Paramedia Ltd Ireland

Concept development and treatment, redefined character profiles and pilot script

Mucky and Skulder (1999)
3DD Entertainment Ltd UK

A pre-school series combining animation and live-action. Concept development, redefined character profiles and pilot script

Tell Tales! (1999)
Action Time UK

Interactive storytelling for pre-school. Concept development and treatment including character profiles and programme format design.


Marvi Hammer (2006-2007)

Culture Online / Catalyst Pictures / ARC

Educational programming for autistic children

Nominated: BAFTA for Best Education Series 2008

Winner: Association of Educational Publishers Award 2010

Kids for Kids (2003-2004)
Babies and More Production Germany

Pre-school animation, teaching English as a foreign language

Tip & Dooley (1999)
Crayons Srl Italy

Pre-school paper motion / educational

Script Editing

Bob's Beach (2002)
Greenlight Media Germany

26 x 15’ animated series, 6-9 year olds

Al & Ol (2000)
PPM Multi Media Spain

Pre-school claymation

The Snailympics (1999)
Truca Films / PPM Multi Media Spain

13 x 5’ pre-school claymation