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Hickey & McCoy

Writer, Producer, Preschool, 6+ years, 10+ years, Animation, Live Action, Head Writer, Series Developer, Showrunner

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Pamela Hickey & Dennys McCoy have been a writing team since they met in high school in Tucson, Arizona. As developers, producers and show-runners, they have written for every continent on Earth excluding Antarctica and have over 1,500 produced credits for both animation and live-action, including Mighty Little Bheem, Insectibles, The Real Ghostbusters, Jakers!, Cosmic Quantum Ray, and Robocop: The Series (in which they also created and wrote the satirical “Commander Cash” animated segments).

In addition to their script writing, Hickey & McCoy have a reputation as top series troubleshooters and feature-film “script doctors”. They have “doctored” over 10 feature scripts and series developments in the last 2 years including the features Bayala: A Magical Adventure (Germany), Terracotta Warriors (China), The Dragon Spell (Ukraine), and My Toy Panda (Russia).

Hickey & McCoy have earned 5 Emmy nominations (one win), 4 BAFTA nominations (3 wins), and 2 PULCINELLA AWARDS including one for Best Series (Cosmic Quantum Ray). They are currently based in Lyon, France.



Title TBA
Caligari Films

Writing 22′ episodes of upcoming series

Title TBA
Studio 56 Animation

Feature rewrite

Title TBA
Crossover Media

Writing 22′ pilot script for new animated series

Title TBA
Something Big SAS

Development work on new animation series


Mastipur: Palace of Pranks
Guppy Theatre (India)

Developers of animated series/phone app/game/interactive theatre, India

Agent 203

Series development and script writers

Caramel & Co. Russia

Writers/developers for animated series, 13 episodes of 52-episode series

You Look Yummy
Bilibili China / Baboon Entertainment

Multi-episode writers

Kayko & Kokosh (2021)
Grupa Schmaznego / Baboon / Netflix

Polish animation, Series Script and Continuity Department

Turbozaurs (2020)
Caramel & Co. Russia

Developers and writers

Panda & Rooster (2020)
CCTV China

Writing 21 episodes of 52-episode series

Mango Minutes (2019-2020)
Yoboho / Cyber Group

Developers and sole writers of 7-minute series based on the Mango character from the phenomenally-successful series ‘The Adventures of Annie and Ben’

Smighties (2019)
Herotainment / Baboon / Amazon Prime

Writers on 26 episodes

Treehouse Tales (2019)
Shemaroo India

Writers of the theme song and 26 episodes of this 26-episode second series, airing on Netflix

Captain Funtime (2018)
Yoboho / Cyber Group

Developers of animated CGI series

Eddie is a Yeti (2018)
Toon Goggles On-Demand Entertainment

Writers for 26 episodes

Annie, Ben & Mango (2015)
Yoboho / Hooplakidz

Writers on all 52 episodes and voice-directing on series for YouTube channel

Insectibles (2015)
One Animation (Singapore) / KIKA (Germany)

Writers for animated series, currently on Amazon Prime

The Clangers (2014)
NBC / Universal / CBBC

Consultants/episodic writers, and under contract for original dialogue for William Shatner (narrator of US version of British series)

Fleabitten! (2010-2011)
Moody Street Kids (Australia)

Head writers/co-developers for series of 52 x 12-minute episodes

Chi Rho (2010-2011)
KiKA / Cross Media (Germany)

Principal writers/story editors/series consultants on 26-episode action-comedy retelling of the classic Bible stories with ‘progressive’ theological curriculum

Jakers! (2006-2008)
Mike Young Productions / PBS

Writers on CGI comedy series based on popular Irish property, and exclusive writers of Mel Brooks’ and Joan Rivers’ dialogue for series characters ‘Wiley’ and ‘Shirley’

Emmy winner 2006
Emmy nomination 2008

Cosmic Quantum Ray (2007)
Mike Young Productions / Moonscoop / KiKA / M6 / The Hub Network

Producers/writers/developers/head writers on action/adventure/comedy CGI 26 x 30-minute series that introduces children aged 7-14 to the ‘fun’ theories of quantum physics

Growing Up Creepie (2007)
Mike Young Productions / Discovery Kids

Writers of 2 episodes for comedy/horror series

Emmy nomination 2006, Special Category Animated Series

ToddWorld (2005-2006)
Mike Young Productions / Discovery Kids

Writers for animation series

Emmy nomination 2005 & 2006
Humanitas Award finalist 2005 & 2006

Clifford the Big Red Dog (2004-2005)
Mike Young Productions / Scholastic / PBS

Writers of two episodes on animated series based on the children’s book series

EMMY nomination 2005

Butt Ugly Martians (2001)
Mike Young Productions / Just Group / ITV / Nickelodeon


Astro Boy (2001)

Writers of one episode for television series based on the classic Japanese anime character – Hickey & McCoy were the first American writers to write a Japanese-produced anime

X-Men: Evolution (1997)
Marvel / Warner Bros.

Writers of one episode

The Legend of Lochnagar (1993)
S4C Wales / Siriol Animation

Weekend Special, written with His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, and Jocelyn Stevenson

BAFTA nomination 1993 & 1994

Zazoo U (1990-1991)
Fox Kids / Film Roman

Developers/story editors/principal writers on animation series

The Real Ghostbusters (1991)
ABC / Syndicated

Writers of 18 episodes, with on-screen commentary on the DVD box set


My Fairy Troublemaker and Me (2022)
Ulysses Films / Fabrique d'Images

Script doctors for animated feature, due for release Spring 2022.
You can watch the trailer here.

Teddy Boom (2022)
Riki Group

Part of the script writers group for this feature film which premieres across Russia in autumn 2021. Read more here.

Paper Port (2019)
Zoombastico / Bardell

Story and Script doctors for animated feature based on the popular Chilean animated series

Terracotta Warriors (2018)
Fantawild Holdings Inc.

Consultants/developers on animated feature film in production

My Toy Panda (2018)
Riki Co. / Baboon Animation

Writers/script doctors on animated feature film, Russia, in production

Thingdom (2018)
Mandaraka Animation / Versatile Media (China)

Writers/script doctors on animated feature film for Mexico, in production

Director: Rene Castillo

The Dragon Spell (2017)
Panama Grand Prix / Ukrainian State Film Agency

Writers/script doctors on animated feature film for Ukraine

Winner: Best Animated Film (2017) Ukranian Film Academy Awards

Bayala: A Magical Adventure (2017)
Baboon Animation / Ulysses Film

Writers/script doctors on toy-based CGI animated feature film, released in 2019


Magnus the Good (2022)
Kool Production AS

Feature development

Mighty Little Bheem (2017-2018)
Green Gold / Netflix

Story editors and writers for 52-episode CGI series which premiered on Netflix Winter/Spring 2018 in 190 countries

Six-Cylinder Samurai (2017-2018)
Hickey McCoy Productions / Bioscopewala Pictures / Green Gold

Original animation sci-fi/action/comedy series and feature film created by Hickey & McCoy and Marc Lumer

Jack / Chaos (2017)
Aadarsh (India)

Writers of the bible for an animated action comedy

Live Action

Super Sportlets (2010)
Moonscoop / Workout Factory

Story editors and head writers on live-action series with animation elements; a re-working of live-action health and fitness comedy for 6-9 year olds

Dead Man's Gun (1997)

‘The Trapper’
‘Sisters of Mercy’

Robocop, the Series (1994)
Skyvision / Rysher Entertainment

‘Robocop vs Commander Cash’
‘The Tin Man’
‘Corporate Raiders’
‘The Singularity’
‘Old Business’
‘Foreign Exchange’

Also created the Commander Cash commercial parodies in Robocop


2018 – NOMINATED for Kidscreen Award: Best Children’s Programme, ‘Insectibles’
2016 – NOMINATED for Kidscreen Award: ‘The Adventures of Annie & Ben’
2012 – WINNER of Australian Writers Guild Award: ‘Flea-Bitten!’ (co-head writers with Ray Boseley)
2009 – WINNER of Pulcinella Award: Best TV Series, ‘Cosmic Quantum Ray’
2008 – NOMINATED for Emmy: Writing in Animation, ‘Jakers!’
2008 – WINNER of Silver Hugo Award (Chicago Film Festival): ‘Cosmic Quantum Ray’
2008 – WINNER of Golden Angel Award: ‘The Wumblers’
2007 – NOMINATED for 2 Emmy Awards: ‘Growing Up Creepie’ and ‘Toddworld’
2006 – WINNER of Emmy Award: Animated Series, ‘Jakers!’
2005 – WINNER of BAFTA: ‘Jakers!’ episode ‘Rock Around the Cluck’
2005 – NOMINATED for Emmy Award: Animated Series, ‘ToddWorld’