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Neil Bennun

Writer, Children's, Preschool, 6+ years, Animation, Head Writer - Children's Television / Interactive / Games

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Neil is a games developer and writer, and animation screenwriter. Neil regularly writes with Neil Richards, and together they were core writers on the first series of CBeebies show Messy Goes to Okido, writing 13 episodes and becoming Head Writers for Series 2. Neil regularly provides writing services for video game, interactive and digital narrative projects and is also an experimental theatre maker. He was also shortlisted for the John Rhys Llewellyn Award for Literature for his book The Broken String: The Lost Words of an Extinct People, which was published by Penguin.



Modern Games

Working to develop an animated series from a game property


Messy Goes to Okido III (2022)
Doodle / CBeebies

6 x 11′ episodes for the third series.

The Wagglings (2021)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Working with HMH on a KS2 Learning app. With Neil Richards.

Big 5 (2018-2019)

14 x 11′ episodes of the new animation series for Korean studio TakToon with Neil Richards.

Messy Goes to Okido II (2016-2017)
Doodle / CBeebies

Lead writer with Neil Richards on the second series. 12 x 11′ episodes.

Messy Goes to Okido (2015)
Doodle / CBeebies

Core Writer with Neil Richards. 13 x 11′ episodes.

Monsters of Dunderley
Fable Fjord (Norway)

Translating and writing a script for Norwegian studio Fable Fjord, co-written with Endre Lund Eriksen.

The Summer My Dad Turned Gay

Translated a screenplay for an adaptation of a famous YA book called ‘The Summer My Dad Turned Gay’ by Endre Lund Eriksen.

Video Games

Robin Hood Museum (Nottingham)

Wrote the permanent multi-screen interactive/ immersive ‘arena’ introduction room, actors and computer graphics


Writing for an app called ‘Partner Play’ which is instruction-based stories for kids, and conservation game ‘Tromple’ for Internet of Elephants

As a writer & narrative designer

Many games for all platforms, including Driver, You Don’t Know Jack, Buzz, Grand Theft Auto, Papa Sangre, The Nightjar, Nightmare High, Supersight, Fit to Serve

Major Awards & Nominations

BBC ‘Content 360’ First Prize: Interactive Narrative, 2007 (writer, narrative design)

D&AD Yellow Pencil nomination for scripting The Nightjar, 2012 (named)

Lovie winner in the ‘Writing’ category for Nightmare High, 2012 (named)

BAFTA winner ’Best Children’s Interactive’, Nightmare High, 2012 (writer)

BAFTA nomination ’Best Mobile’, The Nightjar, 2011 (writer)

BAFTA winner ’Best Social Game’, Buzz, 2006 (writer)

D&AD Yellow Pencil nomination for ’Outstanding Achievement’, 2007 (named)

BAFTA winner ’Best Social Game’, 2006 (writer)

John Rhys Llewellyn Award for Literature The Broken String: The Lost Words of an Extinct People, published by Penguin (shortlist), 2005

BAFTA nomination ’Best Comedy in Interactive Format’, 1997 (writer)