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Isabel Fay

Writer, Children's, Preschool, 6+ years, Animation, Live Action, Series Developer

Agent: Jean Kitson -

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Isabel is an experienced children’s screenwriter with a strong background in character comedy writing and performing. She has fulfilled her improbable childhood dreams of working with The Cookie Monster, Dennis the Menace and for Crackerjack!

She can turn her hand to anything from a screwball squash and stretch show to a gentle reflective preschool show, but is always driven by a love of character.

For older age groups she has written for Aardman Animation’s exciting new show Lloyd of the Flies; BLAM-tastic Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed which included a Theatrical Release of one of her episodes; riotously psychedelic The Rubbish World of Dave Spud where she deftly wove environmental and Pride messages seamlessly into the comedy; gloriously zany Best & Bester for Gigglebug; and adorable It’s Pony! for Nickelodeon amongst others.

She wrote prolifically across series 1-5 of live-action CBBC sketch show Class Dismissed creating some of their best-loved characters, with a 2017 BAFTA Best Children’s Comedy Win and a 2019 BAFTA Best Children’s Comedy Nomination.

For preschool she has written for the delightful Magic Light’s Pip and Posy Series 1 and 2, super spuddy Supertato for CBeebies, Sesame Workshop’s glorious The Furchester Hotel, and for all series of Dreamworks charming Rhyme Time Town amongst others.

She developed a book adaptation to bible for DreamWorks, helped develop two exciting new projects for Snipple Originals and helped Framestore to develop an ambitious virtual reality project from a Warner Bro’s existing property.

A character comedian in a previous life, Isabel wrote and performed a song about online trolling that went hugely viral and discovered she doesn’t like singing. Or adults. Kids rule and she has truly found her audience.



Title TBA
Dog Ears / Cartoon Saloon

Writing episodes for upcoming third series of beloved animated property

The Woohoos!
Snipple Originals / Milkshake

Writing episodes for greenlit 52 x 7′ 2D preschool comedy series for Milkshake

Title TBA
A Productions

Currently writing episodes for upcoming series

Odo S2
Sixteen South

Writing 1 episode for the upcoming second series

Super Happy Magic Forest
Tiger Aspect Kids & Family

2 x 11′ episodes for upcoming animated series adaptation

Title TBA
Beakus / Aardman

5 x 7′ episodes for upcoming animated series

Olga da Polga S2
CBeebies / Maramedia

4 x 11′ scripts for upcoming second series adaptation of beloved children’s book property

Title TBA
Score Draw Media / CBeebies

Writing episodes for upcoming animated series


Title TBA (2023)
Brown Bag Films / 9 Story

Writing 11′ episodes for new animated series

Title TBA
Ink & Light

Development work and script for new animated series

Justin's House S6 (2023)
BBC / CBeebies

1 x 19′ episode for series 6 this popular children’s live-action show

Pip and Posy S2 (2022)
Magic Light Pictures / Sky / Milkshake!

Episodes for series 2 of this charming, magical, upper preschool show

Tish Tash Sing-A-Long (2022)

Online episodes to accompany the broadcast series

Supertato (2022)

Wrote 3 x 6′ episodes of this super spuddy upper preschool show

Best & Bester (2021)
Gigglebug Entertainment / Nickelodeon

4 x 11′ episodes of this zany show for Nickelodeon

Lloyd of the Flies (2021)
Aardman Animation / CiTV

4 x 11′ episodes of this exciting new show from Aardman

‘The Wasp Sting’ included in Annecy 2023 Official Selection

Dew Drop Fairies (2021)
Dreamworks / Netflix

1 x 11′ minute episode of this brand new Dreamworks series

Development Projects x 2 (2021)
Snipple Originals

Development for two delightful shows with Snipple, currently being pitched to broadcasters

Circle Square (2021)
Windley Animation / Channel 5 Milkshake

4 x 7′ episodes of this quirky, delightful show for Milkshake!

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud S2 (2020-2021)
Illuminated Films / CiTV

4 x 11′ episodes of this riotous psychedelic show

Development Project (2020)
Framestore / Warner Bros

Working with Framestore to develop an existing Warner Bros property for an exciting new VR project

It's Pony! (2020)
Blue Zoo / Nickelodeon

1 x 11′ episode of this joyful new show for Nickelodeon

Swashbuckle (2018-2020)

4 x 22′ episodes of Series 6 and 7 of this flagship live action upper pre-school game show

Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed! S2 (2019-2020)
Beano Studios / CBBC / Netflix

5 x 11′ episodes of this Blam-tastic show. Five episodes were packaged for Theatrical Release including one of Isabel’s episodes, ‘Spud-U-Love’

Development Project (2020)

Full development of a project from book property – concept to bible, currently being pitched to broadcasters by Dreamworks

Crackerjack! S2 (2020)

A couple of mucky sketches for this much-loved bonkers live-action CBBC show

Danny and Mick (2018-2019)
Tiger Aspect / CBBC

10 episodes for Series 1 – 4 of this madcap slapstick live-action sitcom

Rhyme Time Town (2018-2019)
Dreamworks / Netflix

6 x 11′ episodes of this sweet lower pre-school show; also 3 x 3′ adapted songs

Class Dismissed (2016-2019)

Writing sketches as part of the core team for series 1 – 5 of this flagship sketch show
BAFTA win 2017: Best Children’s Comedy Show
BAFTA nomination 2019: Best Children’s Comedy show

The Furchester Hotel (2017)
Sesame Workshops / CBeebies

2 x 11′ episodes of this fabulous Sesame Street spin-off featuring Elmo and The Cookie Monster

Waffle the Wonderdog (2017)
Darrall MacQueen / CBeebies

1 x 11′ episode of live-action pre-school series co-written with Matthew Stott