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Isabel Fay

Writer, Children's, Preschool, 6+ years, Animation, Live Action, Series Developer

Agent: Jean Kitson -

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Isabel is an experienced children’s screenwriter with a strong background in character comedy writing and performing.

She can turn her hand to anything from a screwball squash and stretch show to a gentle reflective preschool show, but is always driven by a love of character.

A character comedian in a previous life, Isabel wrote and performed a song about online trolling that went hugely viral and discovered she doesn’t like singing. Or adults. Kids rule and she has truly found her audience.



Title TBA - Advert Commercial
Aardman Animations

Advert writer for a collaboration between an Aardman property and a brand

Peppa Pig
Karrot / Hasbro

5 episodes, including 4-part special

Shaun the Sheep
Aardman Animations

2 episodes for S7

CBeebies Panto 2024

Sole writer on this 1 hour special

Title TBA
Karrot / CBeebies

Writing episodes for an upcoming animated series, including Pilot

Puffin Rock
Dog Ears / Cartoon Saloon

Writing episodes for upcoming third series of beloved animated property

The Woohoos!
Snipple Originals / Milkshake

Shadow Head Writer, writing episodes for greenlit 52 x 7′ 2D preschool comedy series for Milkshake

Digital Girl
A Productions

Currently writing episodes for upcoming 22′ animated series

Odo S2
Sixteen South

Writing 1 episode for second series

Super Happy Magic Forest
Tiger Aspect Kids & Family

2 x 11′ episodes for upcoming animated series adaptation

Big Lizard
Beakus / Aardman

5 x 7′ episodes for upcoming animated series

Olga da Polga S2
CBeebies / Maramedia

5 x 11′ scripts for second series adaptation of beloved children’s book property

Score Draw Media / CBeebies

Writing episodes for upcoming animated series


Let's Go Bananas (2023)
Brown Bag Films / 9 Story

Writing 11′ episodes for new animated series

Title TBA
Ink & Light

Development work and script for new animated series

Justin's House S6 (2023)
BBC / CBeebies

1 x 19′ episode for series 6 this popular children’s live-action show

Pip and Posy S2 (2022)
Magic Light Pictures / Sky / Milkshake!

Episodes for series 2 of this charming, magical, upper preschool show

Tish Tash Sing-A-Long (2022)

Online episodes to accompany the broadcast series

Supertato (2022)

Wrote 3 x 6′ episodes of this super spuddy upper preschool show

Best & Bester (2021)
Gigglebug Entertainment / Nickelodeon

4 x 11′ episodes of this zany show for Nickelodeon

Lloyd of the Flies (2021)
Aardman Animation / CiTV

4 x 11′ episodes of this exciting new show from Aardman

‘The Wasp Sting’ included in Annecy 2023 Official Selection

Dew Drop Diaries (2021)
Dreamworks / Netflix

1 x 11′ minute episode of this brand new Dreamworks series

Development Projects x 2 (2021)
Snipple Originals

Development for two delightful shows with Snipple, currently being pitched to broadcasters

Circle Square (2021)
Windley Animation / Channel 5 Milkshake

4 x 7′ episodes of this quirky, delightful show for Milkshake!

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud S2 (2020-2021)
Illuminated Films / CiTV

4 x 11′ episodes of this riotous psychedelic show

Development Project (2020)
Framestore / Warner Bros

Working with Framestore to develop an existing Warner Bros property for an exciting new VR project

It's Pony! (2020)
Blue Zoo / Nickelodeon

1 x 11′ episode of this joyful new show for Nickelodeon

Swashbuckle (2018-2020)

4 x 22′ episodes of Series 6 and 7 of this flagship live action upper pre-school game show

Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed! S2 (2019-2020)
Beano Studios / CBBC / Netflix

5 x 11′ episodes of this Blam-tastic show. Five episodes were packaged for Theatrical Release including one of Isabel’s episodes, ‘Spud-U-Love’

Development Project (2020)

Full development of a project from book property – concept to bible, currently being pitched to broadcasters by Dreamworks

Crackerjack! S2 (2020)

A couple of mucky sketches for this much-loved bonkers live-action CBBC show

Danny and Mick (2018-2019)
Tiger Aspect / CBBC

10 episodes for Series 1 – 4 of this madcap slapstick live-action sitcom

Rhyme Time Town (2018-2019)
Dreamworks / Netflix

6 x 11′ episodes of this sweet lower pre-school show; also 3 x 3′ adapted songs

Class Dismissed (2016-2019)

Writing sketches as part of the core team for series 1 – 5 of this flagship sketch show
BAFTA win 2017: Best Children’s Comedy Show
BAFTA nomination 2019: Best Children’s Comedy show

The Furchester Hotel (2017)
Sesame Workshops / CBeebies

2 x 11′ episodes of this fabulous Sesame Street spin-off featuring Elmo and The Cookie Monster

Waffle the Wonderdog (2017)
Darrall MacQueen / CBeebies

1 x 11′ episode of live-action pre-school series co-written with Matthew Stott