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Alex Collier

Writer, Children's, Preschool, 6+ years, 10+ years, Animation, Live Action, Head Writer, Series Developer

Agent: Jean Kitson -

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Following an eight-year stint co-editing Viz Comic, Alex moved into writing children’s TV comedy. His credits include the Best Children’s Comedy BAFTA winning Class Dismissed, as well as Aardman’s Lloyd of the Flies, My Little Pony, Mr Bean, Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed, Danger Mouse, It’s Pony, Lego, Oddbods, Nova Jones & Go Jetters.

Alex has developed shows with CBBC and CBeebies in-house, and with indies such as Blue Zoo, Tiger Aspect, Hat Trick, Comedy Central, Gaumont and Leopard Pictures.

As an animator, he has produced films with Vic Reeves and Ross Noble; as an illustrator, he has been published in a series of bestselling Harper Collins books; as a director he was behind a series of Channel 4 Comedy Blaps, voiced by Steve Coogan and Sarah Millican, and as himself, he appeared on both series of Comedy Central’s Grouchy Young Men as a rather grouchy talking head.

Alex’s sketch writing has been featured on Radio 4’s Pick of the Week. He still knocks out comics for Viz, 20 odd years later. Basically, he will do absolutely anything he can to avoid real work.



Title TBA
King Bert

Head Writer and Showrunner of upcoming 6+ series

Odo S2
Sixteen South

Writing episodes for the upcoming second series

Super Happy Magic Forest
Tiger Aspect Kids & Family

Writing 2 x 11′ episodes for upcoming 6+ animated adaptation

Mr Bean: The Animated Series
Tiger Aspect Kids & Family

Writing episodes for the upcoming series

Title TBA
Little Moon Animation

Writing 1 x 11′ episode

Title TBA
Mint Copenhagen / Nickelodeon

Writing 3 episodes for upcoming animated pre-school series

Title TBA
Paper Owl Films

Writing 2 x development scripts

Title TBA
Fourth Wall

Bible development

Ellipse Animation

Writing 2 x 12′ episodes


Title TBA (2023)
Blue Zoo / CBeebies

Wrote 2 episodes for upcoming animated series

Andy and the Band (2023)

Wrote episode 7 for third series, now available on BBC iPlayer here.

My Little Pony - Tell Your Tale S1 (2022-2023)
Hasbro / YouTube

Wrote 12 x 5′ episodes

WINNER: Best Web/App Series—Branded, Kidscreen 2023

Lagging S2 (2023)

Wrote 1 x 24′ episode

Shasha & Milo (2023)

Wrote 3 x 24′ episodes

Danny & Mick S3 (2023)
Tiger Aspect

Wrote 6 x 11′ episodes

Nova Jones S1 - 3 (2021-2023)

Wrote 6 x 24′ episodes

Lloyd of the Flies (2022-2023)
Aardman Animation / CiTV

Wrote 6 x 11′ episodes

Best & Bester (2022-2023)

Wrote 7 x 11′ episodes

Coop Troop (2023)
Sixteen South

Wrote 1 x 11′ episode

Deep in the Bowl (2023)
Zelig Productions

Sketches, various lengths

It's Pony S1 - 2 (2020-2022)
Blue Zoo / Nickelodeon

Wrote 9 x 11′ episodes

Big Tree City (2022)
Blue Zoo / Netflix

Wrote 5 x 11′ episodes

Millie & Lou (2022)
Blue Zoo / YouTube

Wrote 1 x 7′ episode

Odo S1 - 2 (2021)
Sixteen South

Wrote 16 x 7′ episodes

Circle Square (2021)

Wrote 2 x 7′ episodes

Ninja Express (2021)

Wrote 3 x 11′ episodes

School of Roars S2 (2020)
Dot to Dot / CBeebies

Wrote 4 x 7′ episodes

Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed S1 - 2 (2017-2020)
Beano Studios

Wrote 15 x 11′ episodes

Go Jetters S3 (2019)
Blue Zoo / CBBC

Wrote 2 x 11′ episodes

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud (2019)

Wrote 3 x 11′ episodes

Mr Bean S2 - 3 (2015-2019)
Tiger Aspect

Wrote 18 x 11′ episodes

Danger Mouse S2 (2018)

Wrote 2 x 11′ episodes

Kit & Pup (2018)

Sketches – various

Nella the Princess Knight (2017)
Brown Bag

Wrote 1 x 11′ episode

Deer Squad (2016)

Wrote 4 x 11′ episodes

DNN S1 - 2 (2013-2014)

Sketches – various