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Toby Venables


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Toby Venables is a screenwriter, novelist and journalist who also lectures to undergraduates in Cambridge. He has had several commissioned screenplays, including the heist thriller ‘Seven Thieves‘. His first screen credit is the socio-political horror movie ‘His House‘, directed by Remi Weekes and starring Sope Dirisu, Wunmi Mosaku and Matt Smith, whose original screenplay he co-wrote with writing partner Felicity Evans. Produced by New Regency, it premiered at Sundance in 2020 with global rights being picked up by Netflix where it was released in October 2020. As a solo screenwriter, he has been developing the screen story of ‘#AltWar‘ with James Patrick, based on James’ non-fiction book ‘Alternative War’ and aspects of the author’s life and career, and is working on film and TV projects for Rebellion and a leading British production company. He has also written four novels (published by Abaddon), including the ‘Hunter of Sherwood‘ trilogy, which casts Guy of Gisburne as the hero and Robin Hood as the villain.

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US Management: Sarah Arnott at Zero Gravity



ReelOne TV Films

Currently regular writers of feature length TV thrillers and romances for Canadian producers ReelOne. Fliss and Toby’s experience at writing original stories for specific audiences and to a strong brief means they are writing their fourth screenplay for TV film specialists ReelOne.


Commissioned TV Series – pilot screenplay and series outline


Commissioned feature film screenplay


His House (2020)
Starchild Pictures / New Regency / Vertigo / Netflix

Socio-political horror feature. Story and original commissioned screenplay by Toby Venables and Felicity Evans, written and directed by Remi Weekes. The film stars Sope Dirisu, Wunmi Musaku and Matt Smith and premiered at Sundance in 2020, with Netflix acquiring global rights and releasing the film in October 2020.

Seven Thieves (2013)
Starchild Pictures

Original heist/crime thriller feature screenplay

Black Dog (2009)

Unproduced horror feature in which a London gangster gets sucked into a world of depression, death and blues music in the Fens

Northmen (2006)

Unproduced comedy drama for TV, about Yorkshiremen who dress as Vikings at the weekend, co-written with Felicity Evans

Marlowe: Black (2004)

Unproduced comedy horror TV series pilot about a frustrated Cambridge journalist and a brilliant uni dropout who find themselves investigating paranormal phenomena, co-written with Felicity Evans


Hunter of Sherwood (2013-2017)

2017, Hood (Hunter of Sherwood 3)
2015, The Red Hand (Hunter of Sherwood 2)
2013, Knight of Shadows (Hunter of Sherwood 1)

The Viking Dead (2011)