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Sara Daddy

Writer, Children's

Agent: Jean Kitson -

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Sara is a Head Writer/Screenwriter/Development Producer with over 16 years experience in children’s television, working for 8 years in the BBC’s children’s department, covering both CBeebies and CBBC and for the past 8 years as a freelance scriptwriter and developer working for a range of companies including Nickelodeon, Disney Jnr, Sprout, Netflix, The Jim Henson Company, Sesame Workshop, Penguin, Sixteen South and Cartoon Saloon.

Sara has a proven track record in the development of children’s programmes, including Broadcast Award winner and BAFTA nominated Lily’s Driftwood Bay and RTS and Kidscreen winner, Puffin Rock.

She was nominated for a Manimation Industry Excellence Award: Writing for Animation and Best Writing in a Pre-school Programme award at Dingle Animation Festival for Puffin Rock.



Clangers 3

Currently writing on the third series

Dog Ears Ltd

Developing and writing an animated feature film

Head Writer / Screenwriter

Claude (2016-2017)
Sixteen South / Disney Jnr

Head Writer overseeing 50 x 11′ scripts. Currently broadcasting.

Biggleton 2 (2018)

3 x 11′ scripts

Wildwoods (2017)
Sixteen South

1 x 11 min script

Nina and the Neurons: Get Building (2015)
BBC Scotland / CBeebies

5 x 15 min scripts

Puffin Rock Seasons I & II (2013-2015)
DogEars / Cartoon Saloon / Penguin / Nick Jnr / Netflix

Head writer overseeing 78 x 7 min scripts

Nina and the Neurons: Get Sporty and Go Digital (2013)
BBC / CBeebies

6 x 15 min script

Lily's Driftwood Bay Seasons I & II (2013-2015)
Sixteen South / Nick Jnr

10 x 7 min scripts

Nina and the Neurons: Earth Explorers (2012)
BBC Scotland / CBeebies

8 x 15 min scripts

Nina and the Neurons: Go Engineering (2012)
BBC Scotland / CBeebies

8 x 15 min scripts

The Pajanimals (2011)
Jim Henson Company / Sixteen South

8 x 15 min scripts

Driver Dan's Story Train Series I & II (2010-2011)
3Line Media / A Productions Ltd / CBeebies

5 x 11 min scripts

Talkie Time (2010)
Turmeric Media Ltd / CBeebies

2 x 6 min scripts

Big City Park (2010)
Sixteen South / BBC / CBeebies

6 x 15 min scripts

Nina and the Neurons: In the Lab (2010)
BBC / CBeebies

10 x 15 min scripts

Same Smile (2009)
BBC / CBeebies

7 x 15 min scripts

Sesame Tree (2009)
Sesame Workshop / Sixteen South / Cbeebies

4 x 15 min scripts

Nina and the Neurons: Go Inventing (2009)
BBC / CBeebies

13 x 15 min scripts

Lazytown (2008)
Lazytown Entertainment / BBC / CBeebies

26 x scripts

Nina and the Neurons: Go Eco (2008)
BBC / CBeebies

7 x 15 min scripts


Development Work (2017-2018)
Sixteen South

Development of slate for BAFTA Independent Production Company of the year.

Finding Wolfie (2017)
Dog Ears Ltd

Development and writing of an original animation special

Untitled (2017)
Paper Owl Ltd

Development of pilot script for new animation

Goose (2016)
King Rollo

Development of Bible and Pilot script for pre-school animation.

My Brother, the Minotaur (2015)
Dog Ear's / Cartoon Saloon

Development of new animation.

Puffin Rock (2013-2014)
Dog Ears Ltd / Cartoon Saloon / Penguin

Development of bible and initial script for Puffin Rock – a pre-school animation series. RTS and Kidscreen winner.

Lily's Driftwood Bay (2012-2013)
Sixteen South / Nick Jnr

Development of bible and 3 x 7 min pilot scripts for pre-school animation series, sold to over 20 countries including UK (Nick Jnr, Milkshake), US (Sprout), Germany (Kika), Australia (ABC) and Sweden. Winner of the Broadcast award for Best Pre-School Show. BAFTA, IFTA and RTS nominated.

My Story (2011-2011)
BBC / CBeebies

Development of pre-school history series for CBBC Scotland. Commissioned by CBeebies and currently in third series.

Big City Park (2010-2010)
BBC / Sixteen South / CBeebies

Pilot script for IFTA and Scottish BAFTA Award Winning series, commissioned by CBeebies for 26 x 15 mins and transmitted in 2010.


Lily's Driftwood Bay (2012-2013)
Sixteen South / Nick Jnr

Development Producer

Same Smile (Series II) (2011-2011)
BBC / CBeebies

Producer, 26 x 15 min episodes

BBC (1999-2007)

Nina and the Neurons (BAFTA Award Winning series – CBeebies); Springwatch (BAFTA Award Winning Series, CBeebies); Suspect (CBBC); Castle in the Country (BBC1); Balamory (BAFTA Award Winning Series, CBeebies); Raven (BAFTA Award Winning Series, CBBC); Trading Standards (BBC1 Scotland); @The Edge (CBBC); Rule the School (Series 1 – 4, BAFTA Nominated, CBBC, BBC1); The Saturday Show (CBBC, BBC1); Against All Odds (Series 1 – 3, CBBC, BBC1); Hyperlinks (CBBC, BBC1); Ukool (CBBC, BBC1); The Millennium Show (BBC1).