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Neil & Annie Richards

Writer, Children's, Preschool, Animation, Live Action, Series Developer - Children’s (TV, interactive and animation)

Agent: Jean Kitson -

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Neil is a prolific writer with plenty of experience writing for linear TV, online, interactive and games – and a love of collaboration and working in creative teams.  He started writing in the mid-90’s, and since then has scripted children’s TV (episodes of Thomas & Friends, Microsoap, Ace Lightning, Carrie and David’s Popshop, Alphablocks, Messy Goes to Okido) and more than a  dozen TV and radio series for BBC Education and Learning.  Two years co-writing with Douglas Adams in 1997 opened the world of games and interactive drama:  he has since created the story and script for over 25 console, pc and tablet games including major titles such as Just Cause (1 & 2), The da Vinci Code and the Broken Sword series.  He has had 3 BAFTA nominations, a Writers’ Guild nomination and an IGDA Writing Excellence nomination for his game and TV scripts. He is a founding director of interactive specialists The Mustard Corporation, an advisory committee member of The Children’s Media Conference and a founder member of Australian transmedia specialists Storylab.

Annie has a fine art background and a passion for story-telling with under-fives.  She has been teaching in pre-schools for 15 years, and combines writing with running a pre-school. Inspired by the creative philosophy and approach of Reggio Emilia, she also runs weekly art groups for 2-3 year olds at her local contemporary art gallery Artsway – putting freedom at the heart of learning. As well as her Early Years qualifications she is now bringing all her experience and understanding of this age group to her scripting with Neil.

Neil and Annie started writing together three years ago. After (unofficially!) collaborating on scripts for Turmeric’s live action series Talkie Time, Neil and Annie co-wrote ten episodes for series two and three of Alphablocks. They then scripted three episodes for Pesky’s animated series Boj for Cbeebies, and have been contributing to Honig’s online animation Milli.

Their interactive story book for early years I Believe in Fairies is currently in production with Box of Frogs Media.



I Believe in Fairies
Box of Frogs Media

Interactive storybook – launches in November 2015 (Neil and Annie


Messy Goes to Okido (2015)

13 episodes with Neil Bennun

Boj (2014)

3 Episodes (Neil and Annie)

Alphablocks (2011)

10 episodes TV and interactive episodes (Neil and Annie)

Talkie Time (2010)
Alphablocks (2009)

6 episodes – TV and interactive episodes (with Maurice Suckling)

The Victorians (2008)
BBC Scotland

Education drama series

Lost Penny ARG (2008)
BBC Scotland

Consultancy and script

Carrie and David’s Popshop (2007)
BBC Scotland

Story-lined 30 episodes, wrote 3 episodes

Thomas and Friends (2006)

3 Episodes

See You See Me (2006)
BBC Scotland


Scottish Short Stories (2006)

Full drama series

Decisions (2005)

Full drama series

Celtic Film Awards nomination

Debt (2005)

Full Drama Series

BAFTA Nomination

Law and Order (2004)

Full drama series

BAFTA nomination

Watch (2003)

Full Series

See You See Me (2002)


Let’s Write a Story (2002)
Ace Lightning (2002)
Microsoap (1999)

With Matt Costello

Games & Interactive

Honig Studios

5 online episodes (Neil and Annie)

Zodiac (2015)
Broken Sword -The Serpent’s Curse (2015)

AGGIE award winner

The Nowhere Boys (2014-2013)
Matchbox ABC Australia

Interactive consultant (iKids winner 2015)

Tree Fu Tom (2013)

(Interactive episodes)

BAFTA nominated, Children’s Interactive

Nightmare High (2012)
Somethin’ Else/Channel 4

Created world, story and characters. (with Neil Bennun)

BAFTA winner Best Interactive

Winner Best European Interactive Script

Just Cause 2 (2005)

With Matt Costello

Broken Sword Director’s Cut (2010)

BAFTA nominated, AGGIE award winner

Sonic and Sega All Star Racing (2010)
Imagine Beauty Stylist (2009)
Buzz (2009)
Australian localisation
A Christmas Carol (2009)
Alphablocks (2009)

Interactive episodes (with Maurice Suckling)

Unsolved Crimes (2008)

With Maurice Suckling & Marek Walton

Nintendo Crosswords (2008)
Driver PSP (2006)

With Maurice Suckling & Marek Walton

Just Cause (2006)

With Matt Costello

Da Vinci Code game (2006)
Sony/Take 2
Broken Sword The Angel of Death (2006)

WGGB Best Game Script nomination

Let’s Make a Soccer Team (2006)
Driver Parallel Lines (2005)
Juiced (2004)
Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon (2004)

BAFTA nominated, IGDA ‘WRITING EXCELLENCE’ nomination

Mount Kristos (2001)

With Tim Wright

El Dorado (2000)
In Cold Blood (2000)
Starship Titanic (1997)

With Douglas Adams (BAFTA nominated, Codie winner)