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Natasha Wilkinson

Editor - Drama, Comedy and Documentary

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London Kills (2018)
PGM TV / Acorn TV

2 x 60 Crime Drama
Directors: Craig Pickles, Fiona Walton
Exec Producer: Paul Marquess

Casualty (2017-2018)

4 x 50 minute episodes
Directors: Jordan Hogg, Fiona Walton
Producers: Dafydd Llewelyn, Rebecca Hedderly

Holby City (2016-2017)

6 x 60 minute episodes
Directors: Toby Frow, Tracey Rooney, Sean Glynn
Producers: Sarah Creasey, Fiona Naylor

Crackanory (2015)
Tiger Aspect/Dave

6 x 30 Min Episodes
Dir. Richard Pengelley
Prod. Arnold Widdowson

Hollyoaks (2014-2015)
Lime Pictures / Channel 4

20 x 30 minute episodes
Directors: Tessa Hoffe, Damien Goodwin, Paul Walker
Exec Prod: Bryan Kirkwood

World's End (2014)
CBBC Drama

10 x 15 Min Episodes
Dir. Tessa Hoffe
Prod. Kim Crowther

Young Dracula (2014)
CBBC Drama

5 x 30 Min Episodes
Dir. Craig Lines
Prod. Candida Julian-Jones

The Dumping Ground (2013)
CBBC Drama

4 x 30 Min Episodes
Dir. Craig Lines
Prod. Louise Sutton

Assembly Editor

A Discovery of Witches (2018)
Bad Wolf for Sky

2 x 60 minute episodes
Director: Sarah Walker
Assembly Ed. for Nikki McChristie
Producer: Dominic Barlow

Short Films

Parklife (2018)

13 min Drama
Dir. Murat Gökmen
Prod. Kate Fleming

Fragment (2016)

20 min Drama
Dir. Jesse Raiment
Prod. Zara Tempest-Walters

Mistaken (2013)

Sci-Fi 48 hour short film challenge
Shortlisted in the top 10 films
Dir. Gavin Toomey

The Happy Wanderer (2012)

20min, 16mm short – a tense family holiday in 1982
Dir/ Prod. Alex Kelly

Extreme (2012)

1 x 30 min – sex addicts in therapy – starring Caroline Quentin
Dir. Gavin Toomey
Prod. Steve Coe

Repeat to Fade (2011)

10min Digital short – a couple at crisis point
Dir/ Prod. Alex Kelly

Feet (2010)

10min Digital short – a man has problems with his feet
Dir. A.D. Cooper
Prod. Matt Carver

Drop (2009)

12min 4K Digital – starring Russell Tovey
Dir/ Prod. Gavin Toomey
Beautiful Train Ltd.

Drawn Out (2008)

7min 16mm film – a girl escapes into a fantasy world
Dir/ Prod. Somi De Souza
New Pathways Film Fund

Trace (2008)

9 min. 35mm cinemascope – starring Kate Dickie
Dir. Gavin Toomey
Prod. John Paul Chapple

Like Other People Do (2007)

5 min film on loneliness, love and human connections
Dir/ Prod. Alex Kelly

Jamaica Me Crazy (2005)

12 minute – Comedy/Drama
Dir. Ruth Coulson
Prod. Scott Horsfield


Flying to the Ends of the Earth (2014)
Channel 4 / Blast Films

1 x 60 min
Former Royal Marine, Arthur Williams, flies into remote communities.
Director. Max Shapira
Exec Producer. Alastair Pegg

Autopsy: The Last Hours of... (2014)
Channel Five

1 x 60 min (with drama recon)- Whitney Houston
Series Dir. James Tovell
Exec Prod. Ed Taylor

Married to the Job (2013)
Landmark Films/ITV

2 x 30 min
Female police officers experience of the job
Series Prod. Tanya Stephan

Special Kind of Mum (2013)
Special Edition Films/BBC 3

1 x 60 min
2 disabled mums take on motherhood
Prod/Dir. Miles Blayden-Ryall

Can We Trust The Police? (2012)
Special Edition Films/BBC3

1 x 60 min
Adam Deacon examines attitudes to policing in Britain
Prod/Dir. Max Shapira

Kelly and Her Sisters Grow Up (2011)

1 x 60 min
Prod/Dir. Jamie Berry
Exec. Alex Gardiner

Living with the Amish (2011)
Keo Films/Channel 4

Eps 1+2 x 60 min series
British teens immerse themselves in Amish life
Prod/Dir. Wendie Ottewill

Exposure: Heart Hospital (2011)
Special Edition Films/ ITV

1 x 60 min
3 patients on the uncertain road to transplantation
Prod./Dir. Suzie Samant

The Culture Show (2009-2010)

10 x 7 min
Features for the arts show
Dirs. inc. Clare Tavernor + Nicola Seare

First Cut: Bus Pass Bullfighter (2009)
Channel 4

First Cut Series – 1 x 30 min
Dir. Molly Clarke
Prod. Russ Leven, Nicholas Jones

3 Minute Wonders (2008)
Channel 4

8 x 3 min films
Dir. Lihee Avidan, Mat Heyward, Dir./Prod. Jacob Swan Hyam
Com. Ed. Kate Vogel

The Shooting Party (2008)
Channel 4

2 x 30 min
Dir. Jamie O’Leary
Prod. Wendie Ottewill

The Lie of the Land (2007)
Channel 4

Bafta winning feature documentary – 1 x 90 min
Additional Editor to Justin Krish.
Dir. Molly Dineen
Prod. Catherine Bailey