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Katie Simmons

Writer, Children's, Preschool, Animation, Head Writer, Series Developer, Showrunner - Factual entertainment, presenter-lead magazine shows, children’s comedy, drama, animation, game shows, formats

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Katie started her career writing bar reviews and questions for pub quiz machines. After learning about VFX magic at Hogwarts (Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban), Katie started to write and develop ideas of her own. She has co-created and written many well-loved shows including Go Jetters, Show Me Show Me, Old Jack’s Boat, Something Special, Mr Bloom’s Nursery and Numtums. Katie is bubbling over with ideas and ensures the audience is at the heart of everything, creating original content that feeds imaginations, smiles and play.



Yakka Dee IV & V
King Banana / CBeebies

Currently writing and producing new episodes of this very successful early preschool show.


Yakka Dee III (2020)
King Banana / CBeebies

Wrote all of the early years language development show, which she also co-created and co-produced.

Yakka Dee II (2019)
Beakus / CBeebies

Wrote all of the early years language development show, which she also co-created and co-produced.

Rhyme Time Town (2019)

Commissioned to write for new animated pre-school series.

Bridges (2018)
Modular Ltd / Sage Gateshead

Co-writer of an animated film and music composition with Ed Carter. Premiered 22 June 2018 at Sage Gateshead, as part of the opening programme of the Great Exhibition of the North.

Yakka Dee I (2017)
Beakus / Cbeebies

A mixed-media original idea for Beakus, commissioned by Cbeebies. Based on early years language development. Co-created, developed and wrote all 20 x 5′ episodes.

Something Special at the Proms 2018

2 x 4′ Mr Tumbles sketches

Andy's Dinosaur Adventures (2017)
Cbeebies / BBC Natural History Unit

Writer on series IV of the popular Cbeebies show.

Stargazing Live (2014-2016)
BBC Cbeebies

Researching and scriptwriting for the pre-school version of the live stargazing strand on BBC.

Go Jetters (2015)
BBC Cbeebies

Co Creator

Created format, characters and scripts for the TV series

Digby Dragon - Writer (2015)
Blue Zoo / Nickelodeon

Writer on the animated series for Nickelodeon

Something Special (2015-2017)
BBC CBeebies

Regular writer of original slapstick comedy sketches for Mr Tumble in the flagship Justin Fletcher pre-school show

Andy's Prehistoric Adventures
BBC CBeebies - BBC Natural History Unit

Writer x 11’ episodes on 3rd series of factual show, 2015

Show Me Show Me 1-6 - Co-creator/ Script Editor/ Lead writer/ Writer
BBC CBeebies

Katie has been an integral part of this successful fizzy factual brand, creating and developing characters, sketches, location and studio content. Since working on ideas for the original series, Katie has written nearly 50 episodes and outlined over 100, successfully working to its 6th series commission.

Shortlisted: Broadcast Awards, Best Programme, 2010

Old Jack's Boat - Script Editor/ Writer
BBC CBeebies

Script editor on series 2. Developing existing characters and introducing new ones, nurturing established writing talent and doing creative, lyrical re-writes and original scripts where needed

Won: BAFTA for Pre-School Live Action.

Numtums - Co creator/ Live Action Director/ Writer
BBC CBeebies

Created format and pilot for the quick fire show: A simple kit-of-parts format with an instantly recognizable style.

Wrote all 25 episodes and directed/edited the live action elements. Characters have recently been developed for a narrative animation: Numtum Adventures.

BBC CBeebies

Writer of narrative, character based animation. (3 eps)

Something Special - Writer/ Director
BBC CBeebies

Working with the original series producer to develop the format, write and direct series 6. Gained invaluable experience in creating successful content for audiences with learning and communication difficulties.

Won: BAFTA for Best Pre School Live Action 2010

Won: Broadcast Awards Best Pre School Programme 2010

MR BLOOM’S NURSERY - Development Producer/ Assistant Script Editor/ Writer
BBC CBeebies

Working with an idea from on-screen talent (Ben Faulks), Katie single-handedly shaped the format of Series 1 and took it through to production. She worked with an experienced comedy Script Writer to assist Script Editing the show and has written 8 episodes across a total of 3 series.

Entertainment Rights

Writer of narrative, character based animation. (3 eps)


Foundation/ BBC

Writer of narrative, character based animation. (3 eps)

SWASHBUCKLE - Writer/ Development

Katie had a hand in developing this game show idea and has gone on to write comedy based episodes. (2 eps)


Sketch writer for Justin Fletcher’s character based comedy show. Part of original brainstorms and character ideas.


Writer for animated adventures of the well-known Mr Tumble character. (4 eps)

TV Development

Boom Cymru

Original ideas development

Go Jetters (2014)
BBC CBeebies

Working with educational advisor, toy designers and animators to create characters and mould a narrative format. Launched online in 2013

Signing Detective
BBC CBeebies

Working closely with a multi-platform team to take an idea to the second stage of development.

Mixed media problem-solving show that focuses on visual storytelling. Aimed at audiences with hearing impairments.

Fremantle and BBC

Creative lead, originated the idea, appointed animators, art directors and musical talent.

Worked closely with child development theorists to capture their ideas in a workable format with global ambition and commercial potential.

Currently in third-stage development

Nan and Grandpa's Kitchen
Boom Pictures

Generated a format, pitch and pilot script responding to a brief from Disney. Combining live action and animation, with Disney’s values at its heart.

Project Naughty

Approached by a popular comedienne, developed a format based on a classic book. Currently being pitched to commissioners.

Dino Macs

Working with an animation company to develop an original IP.

Created bespoke characters, narrative format and storylines.