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Julia Kent

Writer, Children's, Preschool, 6+ years, Animation, Live Action, Head Writer, Series Developer - Children's

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Jamie Johnson S6 & S7 (2020-2021)
Short Form Film

2 x 30′ episodes
Producer: Jane Dauncey
Executive Producer: Anita Burgess

Flatmates S2 (2020)
Zodiak Kids / CBBC

1 x 30′ episodes for this YA comedy drama live-action series which is currently the No. 1 show for 11-15 year olds on BBC iPlayer.

Two lads, three girls, one flat. Flatmates follows the lives of five teens as they take their first uncertain steps into adulthood whilst trying to fulfil the millennial dream.

Hunter Street S4 (2020)
Nickelodeon / Blooming Film & TV

4 x 30′ episodes
Drama series about a group of five foster children who must solve a mystery in order to find their missing foster parents.

Goldie's Oldies (2020)
Viacom / Nickelodeon

2 x 30′ episodes
A new children’s comedy drama series

The Dumping Ground S9 (2020)

1 x 30′ episode
Iconic long-running children’s drama
Producer: Emma Bodger

Tiara Jones (2020)

2 x 30′ episodes
New comedy drama

Malory Towers S1 (2019)
King Bert / CBBC

1 x 30′ episode
New series based on the Enid Blyton books.

Mack & Mistry (2019)
Channel X

Co-Creator of this live-action comedy series in development with Channel X
Producer: Sally Martin

Hunter Street S3 (2018)
Nickelodeon / Blooming Film & TV

5 x 30′ episodes
Drama series about a group of five foster children who must solve a mystery in order to find their missing foster parents.

Horrible Histories S8 (2018)
Lion TV / BBC

Series Producer: Lisa Mitchell

So Awkward S5 (2018)
CBBC / Channel X

2 x 30′ episodes
Producer: Sally Martin

4 O'Clock Club S8 (2017-2018)
BBC Children's

2 x 30′ episodes of the multiple BAFTA/RTS-winning, rap-based sitcom for kids. Flight of the Conchords meets Grange Hill. In production.
Producer: Dominic MacDonald

Where's Waldo and Ruby Goldberg (2017)
Dreamworks (US)

Series development.
Producer: Dionne Nosek

4 O'Clock Club S7 (2017)
BBC Children's

2 x 30′ episodes

Pinkalicious and Peterrific (2017)

7 x 10′ episodes of the animated version of popular story books. In production.
Show runner: Belinda Ward

So Awkward S4 (2017)
BBC Children's / Channel X

1 x 30′ episode of the BAFTA nominated, Broadcast Award-winning sitcom about clever but socially awkward teen girl trio.
Producer: Sally Martin

4 O' Clock Club S6 (2016)
BBC Children's

3 x 30′ episodes
Producer: Dominic MacDonald

So Awkward S3 (2016)
BBC Children's / Channel X

1 x 30′ episode
Producer: Sally Martin

Class Dimissed (2016)
BBC Childrens

Sketches and series gag polish
Producer: Claire McCarthy

Sausage (2016)
Hat Trick

60′ comedy drama in development with Hat Trick.

Horrible Science (2015)
ITV / Hat Trick

1 x 24′ episode of the sketch show/sitcom format for ITV, starring Ben Miller.
Producer: Jon Pocock

4 O'Clock Club S5 (2015)
BBC Children's

1 x 30′ episode (nominated for RTS NW Award for best comedy) and series script polishing.

4 O' Clock Club S4 (2014)
BBC Children's

2 x 30′ episodes and series script polishes, nominated for RTS NW for Best Children’s Programme.
Producer: Dominic Campbell

4 O'Clock Club S3 (2013)
BBC Children's

1 x 30′ episode and series script polishes. Series nominated for BAFTA Kids Award 2014 for Best Comedy and Best Performance, also nominated RTS NW for Best Children’s Programme.
Producer: Spencer Campbell

The Revolting World of Stanley Brown (2012)
Retort (formally Talkback)

2 x 30′ episodes and series script polishes for science-based sitcom.
Producer: John Pocock

Dani's Castle (2012)
CBBC / The Foundation

1 x 30 episode of the flagship CBBC sitcom starring Dani Harmer.
Producer: Paul McKenzie

Jess and Bebe (2012)

Commissioned by Jon Rolph, Head of Scripted Comedy at Retort to co-create sitcom with Harry Potter star Jessie Cave.

4 O'Clock Club S2 (2012)
BBC Children's

Series script polishes
Producer: Spencer Campbell

4 O'Clock Club S1 (2011)
BBC Children's

Series script polishes. Series won Kidscreen award for Best Children’s Programme, RTS NW Award for Best Children’s Programme, BAFTA Kids Award for Best Performance. Nominated for BAFTA Kids Award Best Comedy, Writers’ Guild Award for Best Children’s Script.
Producer: Spence Campbell

Hey Buddy! (2011)
Foundation (Zodiak)

Sitcom development as part of Foundation (Zodiak) Comedy Initiative. 30 Rock for teenagers.
Producer: Ged Allen

Papa Don's 2-4-1 (2011)

1 x 15′ pilot. Late night radio 4 comedy.
Producer: John Pocock

Woken (2010)
BBC Children's

Sitcom development. Sleeping Beauty wakes up in the 21st Century.
Producer: Rob Jenkinson

Hotel Trubble S2&3 (2010)
BBC Children's

2 x 30′ episodes. Sitcom with hidden camera elements. Series Producer: John Pocock

Hounded S1 (2009)
BBC Comedy

3 x 30′ episodes. Sci-fi sitcom starring Rufus Hound. Producer: Jack Cheshire

ChuckleVision S21 (2009)
BBC Children's

1 x 15′ episode.
Producer: Jonathan Brown

Hotel Trubble S1 (2008)
BBC Children's

1 x 30′ episodes
Producer: John Pocock

Chins (sketches)
BBC Marketing
Chute (sketches)
BBC Children's

Producer: Steve Ryde

The Slammer S1&2 (2007)
BBC Children's

5 x 15′ episodes.
Producer: Steve Ryde

The Examination (2007)

Short film, runner up in Urban Chillers Film Competition.
Producer: Toby Smith

Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow S5 (2006)
BBC Children's

Producer: Steve Ryde

Preschool & Animation

Hey Duggee S3 (2017)
Studio AKA

1 x 7′ episode of the BAFTA winning animation. In production.
Producer: Sue Goffe

The Furchester S3 & S4 (2016)
BBC Children's / Sesame Street

2 x 11′ episodes
Producer: Rob Jenkinson
Lead Writer: Belinda Ward