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Jillian Mannion


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Jillian Mannion is an award-winning screenwriter from Scotland. She’s a main writer and story consultant for BBC Scotland’s continuing drama River City and has written for Casualty and Death in Paradise as well as being a lead writer for new Netflix docu-drama Blood, Sex and Royalty.

In February 2022, Jillian was awarded the Best Long Running Series Award from WGGB for an episode of River City. She was a mentee on WFTV’s 4 Nations mentoring scheme in 2021 where she won awards for Best Presentation and Best Short Film. Jillian’s first feature film script, Random Acts of Romance, was nominated for Best Dramatic Screenplay at the LEO Awards. She has started directing and producing her own short films and is a guest trainer for Pocket Stories who teach smartphone filmmaking.



Blood, Sex & Royalty
Nutopia / Netflix

Lead writer on 3 episodes for the first series of this docu-drama

Death in Paradise S11 (2021)
Red Planet / BBC

Episode 7 of Series 11 of this British-French crime drama television series, broadcast on 18th February 2022

River City
BBC Studios

Currently writing on Series 24

Series 23, Episodes 7 and 27
Series 22, Episodes 13, 20, 25, 26, 46 and 58
Series 21, Episodes 1, 20, 28, 36 and 49
Series 20, Episodes 3 and 28

Winner of the WGGB Award 2022 for Best Long Running TV Series for Episode 28 of Series 21

Casualty (2019-2020)
BBC Studios

Wrote on Series 34, 2 episodes. First episode broadcast 11th January 2020.

The Range (2007)
Deauberdadi Productions

“Life Begins at 40”

Hopscotch Films

6-part returning 30-minute comedy/drama series in development


(Drama) Pilot Episode. After being stabbed outside of his extremely violent high school in Glasgow, Leon Webster will stop at nothing to find out who did this to him and why.

The Princess Protectors

(Animation) Three bodyguards must return a pink diamond to the temple of peace while saving the princess of their home country.


Random Acts Of Romance (2012)
Purple Productions

Feature Film
Director: Katrin Bowen
Nominated for Best Screenplay at the LEO Awards

Troublemaker Court (2008)

Short Film
Producer: Dylan Drummond

First Debt (2006)

Short Film
Director: Jim Norman

Chances Are

(Drama) Jake and his gang of inept criminals clash with a team of highly-trained professional thieves when they rob a bank at the same time.

Pins and Needles

(Drama) James has a crisis of conscience over his job as a mental health lawyer when he falls for a client and realises that his life has become stale.

The Reporter And Mrs. Kane

(Noir Drama) A washed-up, alcoholic reporter uncovers a shocking scandal when a rich widow hires him to investigate her husband’s murder.


(Comedy) Four female drug addicts find themselves in hot water when they kill a drug dealer in self-defence.


Tea People (2014)
Flyboy Creative

Awards & Nominations

Winner of Best Long Running Series at WGGB Awards 2022 for River City

Winner of Best Presentation (How to Write for Continuing Drama and Best Short Film on Young Offender) on WFTV’s Mentoring Scheme

Winner of Best Writer at 48 Hour Film Project for The Handover

Winner of Donald Dewar Arts Award for Creative Writing

Nominated for Audience Award at the Scottish BAFTAs 2020 for River City

Nominated for Best Screenplay at the LEO Awards for Random Acts of Romance

Quarter-finalist of Hollywood’s Page Screenwriting Awards for Chances Are

Awards in Academics, Professionalism and Script Analysis at Vancouver Film School

Relevant Employment & Experience

River City Story Conferences
2017 – Present

BBC Scotland Writers Room Residential
June 2017

Freelance Script Editor and Script Reader

Fiction Journalist D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd (Publishers) Sep 2008-2014

BBC Script Secretary “River City”