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Ishai Ravid

Writer, Preschool, 6+ years, 10+ years, Animation

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Ishai writes comedy for animated kids’ TV and films. He scripted a bunch of episodes for Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatian Street‘ as well as writing ‘Condorito‘, an animated feature from 20th Century Fox that hit the #1 box office spot in several countries. Ishai was hired to write the sequel. He also has experience in pre-school, having scripted episodes for Nick Junior’s ‘Zack & Quack‘ and ‘Vipo: Adventures of the Flying Dog‘. Ishai specialises in comedy with heart, with wacky action set pieces sprinkled on top. He got his break working on a WWE-style wrestling show which he wrote while polishing his thesis on romantic poetry at uni.



Peppa Pig

Currently writing

Title TBA

Development Bible and scripts for new pre-school animation

Title TBA

Currently writing 22′ episodes for 8+ action animation

Title TBA
Cake Distribution

Original 6+ comedy animation in development. Creator.


Summer Memories
A&N Productions / Aircraft Pictures / Yeti Farm Creative

Wrote 3 x 22′ episodes of this animated adventure series, due to air on Family Channel in summer 2022

Sixteen South / Milkshake

7 x 7′ episodes of pre-school animation

101 Dalmatian Street (2019-2020)
Passion Pictures / Disney

Wrote 5 x 11′ episodes for this animation series for 6-11 year olds

Monkey King & JJ (2019-2020)
October Media

Wrote 11 x 11′ episodes for this 3D animated show for 6-14 year olds produced in China, based on the most successful Chinese animated movie of all time. It’s an adventure-comedy about a legendary superhero whose powers no longer work and the kid he’s forced to bunk with.

Zack & Quack (2016)

Wrote 2 x 11′ episodes for this animated preschool show for Nick Jr

Vipo: Adventures of the Flying Dog (2010-2011)
Kidz TV

Wrote 26 x 11′ episodes for this preschool show about a flying dog that aired all over the world


Condorito 2 (2018)
20th Century Fox

Sequel to the animated South American comedy feature, in development

Condorito (Space Chicken) (2017)
20th Century Fox

Animated South American comedy feature that hit #1 in Chile, Peru and Colombia, and was released worldwide by Lionsgate. Watch the trailer here: